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Dicționar terminologic de afaceri englez – român = English-Romanian dictionary of business terminology

Popescu, Teodora (2017) Dicționar terminologic de afaceri englez – român = English-Romanian dictionary of business terminology. Mega : Argonaut, Cluj-Napoca. ISBN 9786065438590 9789731097060


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The current dictionary is the result of twenty years of teaching and researching English for Specific Purposes, translating and interpreting in the field of business, banking and finance. Ever since I started teaching business English I have worked on compiling topic-based word lists, explanations and examples that would help me better understand the conceptual jargon of various domains of English for business and how different terminology applies to them. All those interested in developing their abilities to speak, read and write English for business purposes will find this dictionary as an extremely useful tool, which can enhance their professional communication competence and genre-specific appropriacy. The dictionary comprises thirteen business-related topic-based units that are most relevant to students of economics, learners and teachers of English, as well as to business professionals. Based on experience and research in the field, I decided to cover the following areas: accounting, banking and finance, business administration, business communication, economics, employment, environment protection, information technology, insurance, international trade, management, marketing and advertising, tourism and business travel. It consists of approximately 5,500 dictionary entries and 2,500 contexts of use for single words and typical collocations. Overlappings were avoided, except in cases when the words or collocations are used differently according to the area of interest (e.g. marketing vs accounting). The present edition does not include contexts for all the dictionary entries, but subsequent ones will concentrate on a wider coverage. I have included the bibliographical list of resources that I used in compiling this work, both print and online resources, glossaries, dictionaries, specialist business sites, specialist journals as well as other materials. There is at the end of the dictionary an alphabetical word index compiled based on the frequency principle, listing the first 160 most widely used single words (in English). The dictionary has also a digital version, which was created within the CNCS – UEFISCDI project: Universals and Variants of English and Romanian Business Metaphors. A Corpus-Based Conceptual Mapping of Contemporary Journalese (carried out during 2015-2017), available at:, under the left-hand submenu English-Romanian Dictionary of Business Terminology. Each dictionary entry consists of a headword in English, translation into Romanian (several meanings of the word may be included), and in most 8 cases, examples of contextual use. Examples may be phrases or full sentences, and when rendered from other sources, the website is indicated in parantheses.

Item Type: Book
ISBN: 9786065438590 9789731097060
Publisher: Mega : Argonaut
Place of Publication: Cluj-Napoca
Status: Published
Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2020 14:51
Last Modified: 10 Jun 2020 14:51

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